The Darvaza Crater – Door To Hell
As a traveler, you might have been to many places and we are sure you want to go to many more. But the one place are not sure if you want to check out is the Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan.  We’ve seen many photographs of this place of hell... Read more
Tutankhamun’s Curse
‘I curse you, I curse you, I curse you’ are words that we are familiar with.  We may never have been cursed ourselves,but we understand what a curse is.  It is an utterance by someone who wishes to cause you evil or inflict harm on you.  Mostly we use... Read more
Ricky McCormick’s encrypted notes
Unresolved murders are always a sad thing. Most people want closure on what transpired. The strange case of Ricky McCormick was not just an unresolved murder, but something more. It had to do with encrypted puzzles and notes which have made the death even more mysterious and unresolved since... Read more
The Easter Island Heads
The Easter Islands are thousands of miles away from all other continents and are one of the most remote places in the world.  They’re around 64 square miles in size (not big) and they’re impossible to miss, even though they’re in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by more... Read more
The Baltic Sea Anomaly
Six years ago something was discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and it was weird.  It is still weird and has been baffling marine biologists, scientists and paranormal experts since then.  It has been called the ‘Baltic Sea Anomaly’ and if you look at the pic above,... Read more