The SS Ourgan Medan
It’s the unknown that draws people. Mystery has its own mysteries, and there are gods above gods. We have ours, they have theirs. That is what’s known as infinity. Well, since time immemorial, maritime history has and is still full of tales of ghost ships and sea serpents. Honestly,... Read more
The 52 Hertz Whale
This is a story that may make you cry but it will also make you marvel.  It is the story of a whale, an enormous whale and yes we know all whales are big, but this one is really really big.  It is also the loneliest whale in the... Read more
Exploding Toads
Toads are not exactly our favorite animal.  They’re pretty slimy, have bulbous eyes, they can be poisonous as anything and they’re really creepy looking. They’re amazing too, especially if you look at a Poison Dart Frog with their incredibly brightly colored skin.  Still, toads are not our favorite amphibian!... Read more
The Great Attractor
One of the most beautiful things on earth is lying on your back in the middle of the night and looking up. Looking up into space at a billion stars and galaxies and maybe being lucky enough to see a shooting star. And if you’ve ever looked through a... Read more
The Fairy Circles
Our crew members have been to Namibia and some of them have seen the Fairy Circles with their own eyes. They are totally fascinating and also – unbelievable. The first thing anyone gets reminded of when seeing the Fairy Circles were the unexplained Crop Circles which are in the... Read more