The Devil’s Kettle Falls
The Devil’s Kettle Falls are in Minnesota USA and if you’ve been here then you will know how magnificent the area is. The Judge C.R. Magney State Park is a natural park filled with hills and valleys, stunning and sometimes weird rock formations, magical rivers, springs and canyons. The... Read more
UVB-76, the unknown radio station
For the past 40 years, a radio signal in Russia has been baffling the radio listeners with a strange buzzing sound. The buzzing sound has made this radio signal at 4625 kHz to be famous as “The Buzzer”. It is also known as “UVB-76”. The astonishing fact is that... Read more
Amy Lynn Bradley
Caribbean Cruises are incredibly famous for luxury traveling. But sadly since 1995, hundreds of people, who boarded Caribbean cruises for enjoying the blue waters and the serene islands, have gone mysteriously missing. Only a few of these disappearances have been solved till date. The disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley... Read more
Jeannette DePalma Murder Mystery
Time and again, some of the news fuel up our desire of knowing the unknown and for running behind mysteries that remain unanswered for decades. One such mystery dawned upon New Jersey when the corpse of a 16 year old teenage girl, Jeannette DePalma was discovered on a cliff... Read more
Dyatlov Pass Incident
The Dyatlov Pass incident is the mysterious deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural Mountains on February 2, 1959. The experienced trekking group, who were all from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, had established a camp on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl when disaster struck. During the night... Read more