Amy Lynn Bradley Amy Lynn Bradley
Caribbean Cruises are incredibly famous for luxury traveling. But sadly since 1995, hundreds of people, who boarded Caribbean cruises for enjoying the blue waters... Amy Lynn Bradley

Caribbean Cruises are incredibly famous for luxury traveling. But sadly since 1995, hundreds of people, who boarded Caribbean cruises for enjoying the blue waters and the serene islands, have gone mysteriously missing. Only a few of these disappearances have been solved till date. The disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley is perhaps one of the most well-known mysterious disappearance. She vanished from the cruise without leaving a single trace of her whereabouts nor any clue whatsoever as to what transpired.

The story started with a well-planned vacation of 23-year old Amy with her family. They boarded the Royal Caribbean International Cruise ship for enjoying the trip to Curacao Island. Little did they know that this cruise is the one that will take Amy from them forever. The family enjoyed the cruise journey to the core for the first three days. There was laughter, dance, music, drinking i.e. everything that made their vacation a pure bliss.

The worst day of Amy’s family dawned upon them on 24 March, 1998. At night, Amy’s parents returned to bed for sleep while Amy was with her brother and they were enjoying the live performance of Blue Orchid Band until the wee hours. They returned to their rooms by 3:40 AM. Around, 5:30 AM Amy went out from her room to have a short walk. She was carrying a cigarette and lighter but was without any shoes as she thought of returning shortly. But the misery is that she never returned again. This made her parents pretty anxious and they requested the Cruise Captain and the crew to help them find her daughter but to no avail. Initially no one co-operated as they feared that this will frighten the other passengers and also that their fun would be spoiled. But on repeated requests, a thorough search of 999 rooms and 10 decks of the massive ship were carried out but still there was not a single sign of Amy anywhere.

Later on, FBI took the responsibility and stepped in to find the missing Amy. As a result, several witnesses came into light. Some said that they saw her with the bass player of Blue Orchid Band Alister Douglas but none of the evidences could link him directly with Amy’s disappearance. Three of the waiters of the cruise were also suspected of being involved in Amy’s disappearance as they were flirting with Amy during the day before her disappearance. Amy’s parents claimed it to be a foul play of some strangers who were present on the ship while the dance troupe was performing. Most bizarre was the fact that there were no pictures of Amy in the party photos. All photos went missing after her disappearance and the photographer claimed it to be just an accident saying that he misplaced them. The parents refused to accept it as a suicide case as Amy was quite happy with her life. Moreover, her body could never be found from the sea.

One thing led to another but Amy could never be found. In addition, it was her many sightings over the years that make this case more chilling. Two Canadians claimed that they allegedly saw Amy on Curacao Beach in 1998. The manner in which they depicted her four tattoos were exactly as Amy had. They said that Amy was trying to come to talk to them when two men grabbed her and took her to a nearby café. Similar story was narrated by an American Naval Officer that a four Tattooed woman begged him for help when two men pulled her away. Someone even emailed Amy’s parents a photo of a woman resembling Amy. The photo showed Amy posing in a sexually suggestive manner. Thus, some stories link Amy’s disappearance to human trafficking also.

The family has offered a reward of $250,000 to anyone providing any information about Amy. But every effort has failed so far. So what happened to Amy? Was she kidnapped and sold to sex slavery?  Was she murdered? Where did she disappear all of a sudden? Her parents are still searching for the answers and so are we.