Tutankhamun’s Curse
‘I curse you, I curse you, I curse you’ are words that we are familiar with.  We may never have been cursed ourselves,but we understand what a curse is.  It is an utterance by someone who wishes to cause you evil or inflict harm on you.  Mostly we use... Read more
The Nazca Lines
The Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs discovered in 1927, in the Nazca desert in Southern Peru. They are one of the most famous geoglyphs in the world. A geoglyph is a series of designers or motifs usually longer than 4 meters produced on the ground and more visible and... Read more
The Antikythera Mechanism
Charles Babbage is considered by many to be the father of computers, and is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer. Be as that may, there seems to be another device which could possibly claim the title of being the first mechanical computer, and that too by a very... Read more