The Baltic Sea Anomaly The Baltic Sea Anomaly
Six years ago something was discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and it was weird.  It is still weird and has been... The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Six years ago something was discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and it was weird.  It is still weird and has been baffling marine biologists, scientists and paranormal experts since then.  It has been called the ‘Baltic Sea Anomaly’ and if you look at the pic above, you will understand.

An anomaly is ‘something that deviates from what is normal’ and is peculiar or irregular.  This thing, on the bottom of the ocean bed, is both.  People think it looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and it does look like something from a sci-fi movie.  It looks like a UFO!

The object was 61 meters wide and 8 meters tall. That is pretty huge.  It was mushroom shaped and looked exactly as we would expect a UFO to look like.

The object, the Baltic Sea Anomaly was discovered by Swedish treasure hunters.  They were diving for hidden treasures from shipwrecks when they came across ‘this thing.’  The divers were using sonar equipment when they came across this thing that was 91 meters below the surface.  Once they had located the position, and thinking it was an old shipwreck, they went as close as they could.

Deep sea divers use special equipment.  The need equipment to breathe and also special equipment to see and locate things, especially if they are looking for more than just fish.  This Swedish team had all the latest equipment that makes it easy to find wrecks or treasure.  But as they got closer to this unidentified object, their equipment started behaving oddly.

It wasn’t just as they got close to the object that equipment behaved erratically.  When they were above the object, in their boats, their satellite phone stopped working, as did all their electric equipment.  It was like they were in some magnetic field, or something was drawing the electricity from their machinery or technology.

As soon as they moved away from the object, everything worked like normal.

There was talk that this could be the lost city of Atlantis and huge amounts of press were given to this.  Discoverers have been wanting to find Atlantis for years, even though Atlantis is a mythical island we don’t know if there ever was an Atlantis.

But this thing, this object which is huge, is mythical in looks.

It could be a sunken Russian ship except it doesn’t look anything like a ship.  It could be a geological underwater formation, but that has been ruled out. It could be an alien spaceship, which is exactly what it looks like.

It is clear that it is not a ship.  And the reason they know it is not a geological formation is because oceanographers and scientists have said it is not made out of natural materials.  There are metals down below, which are not conducive to a natural ocean environment.

There is talk that if not a ship, it may be a part of a ship. Perhaps it was a German anti-submarine device from the second world war, or even a gun turret from a battleship.  Except, it’s huge and it has not been positively identified in any way, and it is really weird and it has this thing with electronics!

Because of the electronic / magnetic thing, many people call it the ‘Roswell of the Ocean.’  If you remember, Roswell is a site in New Mexico where an ‘alleged’ UFO crashed in 1947. The US Government tried to cover up the crash and what they had found but the whole Roswell Crash became a private and very secretive military operation.  To this day, no-one has been honest about what crashed but there is evidence of alien activity and an alien object, some of which is shown in museums and at research centers.

Nothing can be proven.  And this is very similar to this object, this anomaly, this marine Roswell.

For those who cannot, or will not believe, that the object is a UFO, they go one step further.   They say that it is some kind of structure from the Ice Age that was formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. It’s a possibility, but an odd one.  Nothing else exists from the Ice Age, and again, there is no proof.

Television documentaries have been made of the object and the team who discovered it, the Ocean X team, interviewed extensively.  They all use words like ‘mysterious’, ‘odd’ and ‘strange’ and reported feelings of discomfort.  The divers all got as close a they did and reported seeing formations that were definitely unusual, looking like a great black stone with some star shapes.

Sounds odd?  It is really odd.

There needs to be a lot more exploration of this thing, but these expeditions cost a fortune.  The one expedition there has been already cost a fortune, mostly in equipment that behaved so badly and didn’t behave at all.  Is it possible that something so far under the ocean can cause satellite phones to stop working and send sonars off in all different directions?  It is possible, because it happened.

The fact that the samples of the object that have made it to earth and been analyzed are not made of materials that would be used in ships or submarines is telling.  The materials are different.  There are those reports of materials from the Ice Age or pre-Ice Age and if that is true that is a significant discovery in itself.  Although they’re out of place on the Baltic ocean bed, perhaps they were carried by glaciers in extreme weather.

No-one is quite sure.  For now, we’re going with ‘The Roswell of the Ocean.’  It looks like a UFO, it acts like a UFO or at least very strangely and for all we know, it may well be a UFO.  Until a scientist comes and gives solid proof of what this is, it will remain ‘The Baltic Sea Anomaly.’